Become a CompuCal Authorised Reseller

What is an Authorised Reseller?

The Authorised Reseller partner program is designed to offer your organization the opportunity to engage profitable business using our established software. This will attract new business and revenue generating opportunities for your organization. When you become a CompuCal Authorised Reseller, you will be able to engage with CompuCal in joint marketing, business referral and joint selling opportunities leveraging CompuCal’s technology to gain competitive advantage for you and your customers.

Who can become a CompuCal Authorised Reseller?

Authorised Resellers are companies that are an established reseller of calibration or maintenance products and services. They will have established relationships with potential customers in their market place, they will have the skills to approach the customer, to be able to speak to decision makers, understanding their needs and be credible in selling CompuCal software.

Some Authorised Resellers specialize in providing software or products for the regulated industry and may specialize in regulatory compliance.

Some Authorised Resellers may also offer product training and localization consultancy.

Authorised Reseller Contract

Authorised Resellers are offered a one year reseller agreement which can be extended to longer term if initial agreed targets are achieved.

Option to Provide Training

As an established software reseller you can further enhance your customers’ understanding of CompuCal by providing training. There are two courses available, both having been developed by experts in the field of calibration, maintenance & compliance. The authorised course material contains materials for both technician and advanced users.

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