The CompuCal Team

Our team is expert in the design and support of high performance, precision, automated calibration management software

Donal Sullivan

Chief Executive Officer

Donal is a highly experienced and successful business leader, having spent 25 years+ in the technology sector with Apple, Flextronics and most recently Johnson Controls, where he led the Ireland organisation. Donal has built a number of digital businesses, run complex global operations, delivered smart buildings and campuses globally. An expert in SaaS/AI offerings and solutions for end clients he has assisted global corporations with their digital transformation needs. Donal is a builder of great teams and partnerships and knows how to create value for customers, leveraging latest generation technologies. Donal is a firm believer in building strong, trusted relationships and delivering for clients over the long term.

Jackie Dornan

Chief Financial Officer

Jackie holds an MBA and has served for more than 20 years as Managing Director of CompuCal. Passionate about how automation can drive manufacturing efficiencies and how plant instrumentation can drive production quality, Jackie has championed partnerships with leading instrumentation companies worldwide, building CompuCal’s position as a supplier of choice for calibration software management and maintenance solutions.

Jackie’s active memberships include the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), International Society of Automation (ISA), IT@Cork, Common Focus, and the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA). She regularly presents as keynote speaker at conferences and partner events focussed on the calibration software market.

James Murphy

Strategic Account Manager

James leads the Strategic Accounts program for CompuCal’s top-tier global customers. With responsibility for new business development, James relies on his expertise in advanced manufacturing technology, electronics and project management to scope, plan and deliver on client goals across a diverse multi-sectoral client base.

Prior to joining CompuCal, James worked with leading multi-national corporations including Johnson Controls, Tyco, Apple and EMC. His industry insight into SME and large-scale operational, global account and engineering requirements is supported by his customer-first approach to fulfilling client needs.

Richy Hadlow

Chief Architect

Richy holds a Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering (H1) and has more than two decades of experience as a solutions architect and full-stack developer. He was initially instrumental in the upgrading of CompuCal’s core system architecture from .NET 2.0 to .NET 4.0, in the introduction of it’s localisation architecture and more recently in the redesign and upgrade of the User Interface (UI). He now leads the software design architecture function of the business.

Customer-facing Richy excels at project management, analysis and troubleshooting and integrates seamlessly with larger customer/partner teams. He is a direct customer contact pre- and post-implementation and charged with taking user requirements through design, test, validation and delivery.

Customer satisfaction is core to Richy’s ethos which shows in CompuCal’s customer satisfaction ratings for projects and support.

Panagiotis Mentzelidis

CSV & Project Manager

Panos holds a BSc in Automation Engineering, a MEd on Quality Management in Higher Education and an MBA (major in MIS). He is an International Software Testing Qualifications Board Certified (ISTQB) Tester (CTFL) and holds an HRD Certification. His diverse background allows him to provide combinative solutions in different areas and stages of CompuCal’s product lifecycle.

Panos is responsible for client training and consultancy on CompuCal application functionality, configuration, setup and calibration management. As a trainer, Panos develops User Guides and provides on-site or web-based training sessions either to the end-user or to clients’ trainers, delivered through an approach that is trainee-oriented and tailor-made to client needs. CompuCal’s comprehensive testing procedure and guidelines are in accordance with international standards (ISTQB) ensuring that the company follows a risk-based testing approach that includes fundamental testing techniques and methodologies aligned with GAMP5 guidelines. Panos created a robust set of templates for required Computer System Validation (CSV) documentation which include VP, IQ, FAT, 21 CFR Part 11 Assessments, VSR. Panos is noted for his dedication to customer satisfaction.

Dimitris Kadoglou

Quality Assurance & Marketing Engineer

Dimitris holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, completed post-grad studies with IEK Intergraphics and is an experienced web designer and front end developer with expertise in WordPress CMS and Google Webmaster tools. A specialist in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PHP and Social Media Marketing, he leads content development, graphic design, sales enablement, lead generation and online channel growth initiatives for CompuCal.

The expansion of his role into Quality Assurance reflects the strength of his product knowledge, technical skillset and an innate attention to detail where his work supports other key disciplines and functions of the business ranging from product development, test, audit and compliance to client onboarding.

Dimitris also works with clients on brand customisation requirements for product and dashboard reporting, as part of CompuCal’s customer-centric team.