Calibration AI Boosts Predictive Analytics

Great conversation between broadcaster Jonathan Healy and our CEO Donal Sullivan, a recent guest on the Red Business podcast. Donal covers how CompuCal has evolved its SaaS AI platform to manage the complex calibration and maintenance management activities for multi-sectoral industries ranging from Life Sciences and Med Tech to General Manufacturing.   

“We measure the things that actually do the measuring….to make sure that they are measuring accurately!”

Donal also sets out how CompuCal’s access to big data with more than 1 million results and supporting analytics is boosted by AI. This not only boosts speed of calibration measurement calculation but also supports predictive analysis to influence future performance, ensuring businesses are not just looking in the rear view mirror but can plan ahead to further reduce the risk and cost of manufacturing downtime. CompuCal brings big data intel with all of its learnings and applies it to each client business with direct context to their activity, saving critical time and costs for each business. 

Click here to listen to the Red Business podcast from time spot 8:10 to 17:00 for Donal’s interview.

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