Digital Transformation in Calibration, Maintenance & Asset Management

Donal Sullivan, CEO, of CompuCal a SaaS/AI company, was honored to participate as a guest speaker at the Biopharma & Lifesciences Connected Conference on January 25th 2023 in Cork. With a presentation centered on digital transformation in calibration, maintenance & asset management, Donal gives emphasis to how an open ecosystem approach assists companies to leverage data within their operations, integrate with existing tools and technologies and deliver increased automation and critical insights.

Biopharma & Lifesciences Connected Conference is a platform for leading national and international experts in pharmaceutical manufacturing with core topics focused on supply chain issues, digital transformation, automation, carbon reduction and regulatory changes. The central theme of the annual event is to hear directly from industry leaders and stakeholders who are willing to share challenges and solutions in practice – allowing attending delegates to benefit from the speakers’ experience in their everyday practice. You can see some photos from the event below.

The subject matter is of relevance to any decision-makers from SMEs to large-scale manufacturers seeking to maximize performance across single or multi-site operations. Click here to download Donal’s presentation on ‘Cloud-enabled Management of Calibration and Maintenance Compliance – Digitally Delivered today!’