CompuCal and CalX Case Study

Case study: CalX Instrumentation Services use CompuCal

CalX, a leading calibration service provider, use CompuCal as the primary software to manage calibration at customer sites around Ireland. This case study shows how CompuCal has helped CalX to grow their business.

CalX required an easy-to-use automated calibration management system providing scheduling, reporting, data import for building new client databases, and both in the cloud and offline data entry.

As director Willie McMahon explains, “as a service company with customers in different parts of the country, we knew that we needed a cloud-based solution. Since our technicians don’t always have access to the internet when they visit customer sites, they need to be able to enter the calibration results remotely without the need to be online. CompuCal’s Client App was the perfect solution to that problem.”

Read the case study to find out more details about the project and the role of CompuCal’s calibration management software to ensure that CalX customer’s instruments are calibrated on time,and that their customers are always ready for an audit.

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