CompuCal 6.5.1 Release

CompuCal 6.5.1 Release

All about the new features on CompuCal 6.5.1

Our latest version, CompuCal 6.5.1 is released and is available to all new customers. Our existing cloud customers will soon get an upgrade. In this release we collected and integrated features requested by our customers.

Multiple Verification

A customer from the pharma industry asked for multiple verifications so the work can be verified by different departments, for example one verifier from the QA department and one from the Validation department. So, we updated the system to reflect those steps on the certificate. In 6.5.1 our customers will have the option to add up to five verification stages.

Edit column names of your values table

In the 6.5.1 release, the column names of your values table are editable and can be modified independently from the corresponding range names. These names will also appear on the certificate.

Get automatic calculation of the routine’s set points

With this new feature, you can select the number of set points and the value of set point will be calculated automatically.

User Data tab for additional fields

This is another feature that was implemented after request from our customers. With this new tab, you can add additional fields and use them for additional data or comments. These fields can be added when you setup a routine or enter calibration data. Also, you can select to include this information in the certificate.

Mandatory Task Results option

If you want to make sure that your technicians have reviewed the tasks and enter the results, you now have the option to set task results as mandatory. In this case, if the technicians miss a task and don’t populate the result, , a message appears to remind them that the task results are mandatory when they try to enter the work order. They can enter the work order only when they complete the result.

Tasks Remarks

For those who need to add more details about the performed task, a new column in the task tab has been added to add comments when entering the task results.  You can use the new print setting option, to have the remarks appear on the certificate.

Non-Listed Tasks

There are cases where you want to perform a non- standard task during a calibration (i.e. A task that is not setup in the application). In this case, you can just add it in the task list of the specific work order, at the enter stage.

Post Completion Comments & Attachments

In some cases, you might want to add some comments on a completed work order. Adding comments and attachments to completed work orders is now possible. Just set this option from your configuration work order tab.

View-only users’ option

A new user’s category is available to purchase in the new release, the View-only users. As described in the name, this type of users can have access to the application but only to view and not to add data or make any modifications. This feature is particularly useful to calibration services companies that want to offer access to their customers to just view schedules, reports and certificates. In that case, View-only users is our new affordable solution. The cost is significantly lower than the normal user license.

Client App updates

Last but not least, the latest version of our offline remote application offers the ability to enter any additional details and comments of your calibration after uploading the calibration results from the calibrator. Moreover, it includes more fields and flexibility to match the main application’s options, like electronic signature, attachments, time taken & non-listed tasks.

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