CompuCal Case Study

Case Study: How the biggest calibration and maintenance service provider uses CompuCal

Endress+Hauser use CompuCal as the primary software to manage calibration at customer sites in the UK. This case study show how CompuCal is used at the Solvay Wrexham sites in UK.

Solvay needed an on-site support tool and thanks to CompuCal, Endress+Hauser’s engineers are alerted when an item is due for calibration and plan their visits accordingly. Moreover, “the software helps to ensure that all standard operating procedures (SOPs) are followed and calibration records are easy to access.”, as mentioned in the case study. Ben Pine, Site Engineer and Capital Manager says: “When we have an audit, I can feel confident that we will be compliant.”

Read the case study to find out more details about Endress+Hauser’s project and the role of CompuCal’s calibration management software. In particular, learn how CompuCal ensures their customer’s instrument installed base are calibrated on time and why everyone is confident that they will be compliant and ready for an audit.

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