CompuCal 6.5 new release

CompuCal 6.5 is now available!

We are very excited to announce the release of CompuCal 6.5. The main focus of that release is to create a better and more user-friendly design with enhanced functionalities based on our customers’ feedback and following the latest trends.

New look and feel

CompuCal 6.5 has a new, contemporary, responsive and more user-friendly design. We can proudly say that CompuCal calibration management software was never easier to use.

CompuCal 6.5 screenshot

Faster navigation menu

In the new release the navigation menu is on the top of the screen for easier access. However, we still offer the tree view option for those who are used to it.

Grid columns updates

Column selection

Every user is able to select the columns that they want to appear in the grid directly from the corresponding pages.

Column width modification

Moreover, they can modify the width of the columns and save it by clicking on the Save Columns Width button that is available on every grid in the Work Schedule and Item Setup screens. So, you can make sure that long names are descriptions appear fully in the grids.

Right-click menu

An additional feature is the right-click menu. The grids of the main screens (Work Schedule and Item Setup pages) have a right-click menu with the main actions for the selected item. So, there is an alternative, fastest way for main actions.

Enhanced date columns

Now users have the option to select the date from a date picker to filter date columns. No need to type, just click!

References (test equipment) for maintenance assignments

You asked for it and we designed it. Now you can assign reference standards, tools and other test equipment to Maintenance work orders. The assigned references appear in the certificate.

Custom certificates

Last but not least, CompuCal 6.5 offers additional customization options for the certificates. You can now select from up to 13 different sections and fields the ones you want to show in your certificate.

Our cloud users will be able to experience the new release by the middle of November.

Like all our previous releases, CompuCal 6.5 is a fully validated release that comes with a full validation package of all the documents needed for regulated industries. Should you need more information, please contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Not familiar with CompuCal software? Contact us now to arrange a free demonstration!