How data centers can profit from a dedicated Calibration Management Software

PUE calculation
PUE formula

One of the most critical figures in the effective management of data center operations is the PUE, or Power Usage Effectiveness. The ideal number for this value is 1. There are different formulas and calculations used to calculate the power usage effectiveness. The most popular one appears above.

Is your PUE accurate?

Almost all the data used in these calculations and formulas come from the measuring instruments. The accuracy of the measuring instruments will determine the accuracy of the calculated PUE number. The only way to truly know the accuracy of your measuring instruments is with a tightly managed calibration management program.

Typical data centers will have between 300 to 1100 measuring points depending on their size. If you have a large number of data centers in different geographical locations then effectively managing calibrations starts to become very difficult. Many Data Center operators use simple task scheduling tools to manage their large installed base of calibrations. The use of excel sheets or just paper to record their calibrations are not uncommon practices. In the end, they put a lot of effort into recording calibration results but without getting any value from it.

Why data centers should use a Calibration Management Software?

A dedicated Calibration Management System like CompuCal reduces data entry time and standardizes processes and procedures, ensuring that you can measure the accuracy of your complete installed base of instruments. So, it’s a cost-effective investment.

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