In the regulated world audits are unavoidable – Let CompuCal ensure your calibration records are always ready for inspection.

Audit Ready with CompuCal calibration management software

Preparing for the audit, and follow up, can be stressful and time consuming. A modern automated calibration management system can help you ensure that you are always ready for an audit.

The importance of Calibration

“Calibration, as part of an overall measurement management process, reduces the risks associated with measurements (such as form, fit and function), regulatory requirements and international acceptability.” – Quality Progress

Regardless of the industry, the calibration and maintenance of process instruments are crucial for the organization as they are related not only to productivity and effectiveness but also to health and safety issues. For this reason, the rules are strict and the penalties expensive if you can’t prove that you have followed them.

Automated Calibration Management Software

Calibration management software can help in the management, recording and reporting of your calibrations to ensure that your organization follows the procedures and has the supporting documents ready anytime and available for auditors to review.

Some of the audit related questions you will be able to answer by using a calibration management software are:

  • Do you know how many instruments there are on your site?
  • Where are they located in the process?
  • How critical are they?
  • How are they performing?
  • When was the last failed calibration?
  • When do you need to calibrate them?

Why CompuCal?

When you choose your calibration management software, you want a system that can provide a flexible yet structured flow ensuring that the user is always following the right path. According to our loyal customers this is one of the key reasons for choosing CompuCal. Our calibration management application organizes everything for you ensuring your procedures are always being met and managed. Moreover, thanks to the audit trail, every activity is recorded and can be presented to the auditors. Therefore, you won’t need to worry anymore.

Implementing a solution like CompuCal will automate your processes ensuring that you are always ready for an audit in addition to greatly reducing your management time. As a result, you will maximize your time to identify process improvements and make optimizations.

Learn more about the reasons why you need Calibration Management Software.

Cloud or On-site solution

There are many different options out there to help manage your instruments and make sure that you are always ready for an audit. You can choose to have your solution hosted on a cloud (all you need is a web browser) or installed on your server. Read our article about the advantages of a cloud solution.

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The less time you have to worry about audits the more time you have for process improvements, performance and trend analysis. Managing a large installed base does not need to be a hassle. Get in contact with us to get help evaluating the right solution for your needs.