Go Paperless with CompuCal’s Client App and improve your calibration procedure.

Working with CompuCal’s main application, the App enables users to enter calibration results directly to CompuCal during the calibration process; saving time and money and reducing entry errors! Here you can find out all you need to know about CompuCal’s Client App.

1. What is CompuCal’s Client App?

CompuCal Client is a Windows App that allows users to enter calibration or maintenance work order data on their local machine both online and offline. A paperless solution that helps your team to save time and avoid entry errors when conducting calibration or maintenance activities at your plant.

Users issue work orders from the main Application – either Enterprise or Cloud and download them to the Client App. Then the calibration engineer can enter calibration results directly on the App when conducting the calibration on the plant floor. The results are stored on the App and uploaded to the main CompuCal Application when the user returns to their office; or if using the Cloud Application when the user has access to any internet connection.

2. How can I perform the data entry?

From the Client App users can download work orders and enter the calibration data either manually or by using the assigned smart calibrator.

3. Are the references available in the Client App, or should they be selected at the issue stage from the main App?

References are downloaded from the main Application to the Client App. Users also have the option to set up references for their work orders during the entry of the calibration results on the Client App. So, you don’t have to preselect or add a reference to the work order in advance. You can select or add the references during the calibration process in the Client App, at the entry stage.

4. Is network access necessary when entering the data to the CompuCal App?

Access to the network is not required while entering the work order data. This means that users can use the Client App offline to enter data. It offers the same flexibility to enter work order data similar to how they would in the main App.

5. How do I get the results in the main CompuCal Application?

When the user has completed the data entry and has access to the main Application they can simply upload the results from the CompuCal Client App to the main App with a checkbox and a click of a button.

To sum up

With the Client App users are able to download calibration procedures to the assigned calibrator or manually enter the calibration/maintenance work order data including entry comments, task results, references used, calibration values and deviation information. When they have access to the main CompuCal Application they upload the results with a click and go!

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