Calibration Management Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

Why food & beverage industries need a calibration management software?

In regulated industries, such as food & beverage manufacturing, the instruments have to be to the highest level quality ensuring the safety of the process. In addition to this, the food and beverage produced has to be to the highest level expected by the regulatory bodies (WHO, HACCP & FAO).

This requires a large effort from the full calibration team, technicians, administrators and managers who continuously monitor and record the calibration and maintenance information from these instruments.

In many of these types of manufacturing plants, the instrumentation department has to calibrate, adjust and check a number of areas. For example in a brewery, the instruments would consistently have to be checked and monitored to ensure they are meeting the right standards. This information may then be housed on an Excel or Word document which may ultimately be printed and stored in folders in time for an audit. This procedure is a timely one for both technicians extracting the information and engineers waiting to use the instruments to continue in the manufacturing operations.

Calibration management software allows for the calibration results to be input into the system quicker, without the need for printing results or reports as it is easy accessible in time of an audit. The history trends, calibration results, deviations, interval analysis and reverse traceability allows the facility manager to monitor all calibrations and when and who they were undertaken by. Calibration management software also has automated scheduling and planning functions which ensure organisation within the plant and less time spent, for the facility manager, in generating a schedule each week.

In a regulated industry, such as food & beverage, the FDA have set standards and there is no room for error. With calibration management software, errors as a result of manual entry are reduced and instrument deviations are flagged reducing administration and allowing you to make any necessary adjustments.

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